An Overview of Gay Divorce

Statistics show that 61% of cohabiting same-sex couples are legally married in the United States. Gay couples in Albuquerque and other major cities have now acquired legal rights that were once exclusive to heterosexual couples. But after fighting so hard for your right to marry, you find yourself at the office of a divorce lawyer in

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Person typing on the laptop

Pointers for Organizing Your Digital Life

Have you ever seen a desktop cluttered with small icons: files, photos, webpage links, and many others? This kind of clutter is the negativity that you don’t need in your real and digital life. Digitalization promises to keep our lives (and files) easier, accessible, organized, and decluttered. The reason we have switched to digital photos from printed

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Tax documents

How to File Taxes for Students and First-time Filers

It’s that time of year again. It’s November, which means that you should be preparing to file taxes before the end of 2019. If it sounds a bit overwhelming to you, it’s because it is. Don’t worry. A large number of first-time filers and students will have a hard time understanding tax reforms, tax forms, tax deductions,

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